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Preventing Needless Pet Deaths in Gilbert

Thousands of pet lives are lost in Gilbert every year, and the tragic truth is that most of these deaths are preventable. The Thorpe Agency is committed to protecting the lives of animals in our community, and we are announcing the launch of a long-term campaign in the greater Phoenix region to help promote pet safety and responsible pet ownership.

Ambassadors for Animal Safety

As recognized Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange network, our first concern is for the safety and security of animals in the Gilbert area. We will be assisting in a series of initiatives to provide our local community with crucial information on responsible pet ownership and protection, we will be working to prevent pet euthanasia by rehabilitating and rehoming abused and neglected pets, and we will support programs designed to provide free and low-cost spaying and neutering services to local pet guardians.

We have a great many things to do, and we could use your help.

Help Us Protect our Pets

To help us spread the word about this ongoing campaign, we’re asking you to invite your friends and family members to visit us here at the Thorpe Agency. Not only will we share details about the importance of this effort, we will also offer them a complimentary insurance appraisal. Afterward, we will happily send out a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local agency, group, or program working to protect pets in the Gilbert community.

Please Join Our Team!

This is your chance to be part of a committed effort to help protect animals in our area from harm or needless injury. We earnestly hope you decide to be part of the Thorpe Agency team!


Jason Thorpe

The Thorpe Agency

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